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How much does cat tooth extraction cost?

my roommate's cat had surgery today. they noticed she had 2 rotten teeth. one they were able to get out easily, the other was still in there. they called me while the cat was still under for permission to remove the tooth. i was unable to reach my roommate, so i made the decision to follow the vet's advice. how much more did i just add to his bill?

How much does cat tooth extraction cost?
Actually, you may have saved him money because his cat would have to have to tooth removed anyway. That would have costed him another visit, anesthesia %26amp; recovery. This way it was done all at once w/ everything else. Plus it was less stressful for the cat, it only had to be put under once.
Reply:Probably not much. The big part of the bill is the anesthesia. I am guessing maybe only another $20.
Reply:Your roommate cares about the cat or she/he would not have it at the vet in the first place. Rotten teeth can cause illness or even death in a cat. The tooth needed to come out! So you saved your roommate money because they did not have to take the cat back for a second trip.
Reply:This really depends on the vet. But if the vet was already in there, it probably added less than $100. If the tooth needed to come out, it was well worth it to tell them to do it. Those teeth can become infected and can cause major health problems in the cat. Taking the tooth out may cost a bit extra but can save hundreds of dollars in vet bills later on. I don't know exactly how much a tooth extraction costs, but I know a full dental with extraction for $300 is not unheard of. There is a base cost involved for anesthesia, equipment, etc but once they're in there additions are less costly. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Reply:There is absolutely NO way of telling - vet practices all work in different ways, and prices vary hugely! If it was my practice though, we would not charge any extra for one more tooth.

I suggest you call the vet if you want to know the answer to this question, and ask what the bill is! I would think your friend would've said yes too - no point refusing necessary treatment if the cat is already under for that very thing.

Reply:My cat just had dental surgery.

I was given an estimate ahead of time, and was told that every "easy" extraction would be about $40, and every "difficult" extraction would be about $70. But I live in an expensive area, so it might be a little cheaper where you are.

I signed a form telling them they could do whatever was necessary to his teeth--but then again, his surgery was entirely dental. (They wound up removing his 3 remaining fangs, which were all considered easy extractions.)

You did the right thing. If the tooth wasn't removed, chances are the cat would have eventually had to go through surgery again to remove it, or he could get very sick. In the long run, you probably saved your friend money. At the very least, he should have made sure that the vet could get in contact with him during his pet's surgery.
Reply:My kitty had 4 teeth pulled last month. It only cost $120, but I think the vet gave me a good deal. My friend had 1 extraction done on her cat last year and it cost her $150. It doesn't matter how much it costs really, if it was making the kitty miserable then it had to be done. If it hadn't gotten that bad yet, it would have. You know how bad tooth pain is, you don't want your kitty to suffer. That is the responsibility you take on as a pet owner.

Alot of veterinarian's will let you make payment arrangements. Ask if your vet will.
Reply:You should of just saved yourself some money and pulled it yourself. Vice Grips or Pliers work very well.
Reply:I had a tooth removed on one of ours, for the proceedure it was $150 which included pre-operative, post operative, anesthetic, removal, machine use, payment per staff, etc.

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