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I have really ugly teeth?

OK so my teeth are really ugly, crooked, rotten, discolored, missing, growing out of weird places and is just a complete mess. I want to make a dentist appointment but I'm really scared because I have never been to one before and I'm 18 years old. The dentist won't tell me I have to have dentures will he? Because I absolutely do not want dentures and for implants don't you have to wait like 6 months after the teeth are pulled before it is done. I don't want to wait I want to be able to smile now because there is this guy I'm going to hang out with and I can't do it until I get my teeth fixed. can someone please help?

I have really ugly teeth?
Go to the dentist before it gets any worse. He will fix what he can and pull what he cannot. If you are worried about the pain--don't. You will be inconvenienced for a while but it will be well worth it in the long run.

It is better to have dentures than no teeth at all. Yes they can be a pain to take care of but you will feel so much better about yourself. My mother got all her teeth knocked out in her twenties and she has had dentures for 40 years--but you don't want to see her with no teeth in!
Reply:you have lots of isses going on!

if your teeth are rotten badly its better to have them pulled and replaced. and the replacements would be straight. they make partials that fill in areas -- you don't have to get a whole new set of teeth.

straightening teeth takes good old fashioned braces. that takes a couple of years.

why don't you try some hydrogen peroxide to whiten and clean them for now and go from there -- just put like a capful in your mouth and swish it around for about 10 mins -- like when you are showering. its also good for your gums if you have weak gums.
Reply:get it over with the dentist is only going to help you achive a perfect smile,,and u always meet that guy wenever and the sooner u get u'r teeth fix the faster u'r going to smile next 2 ur cutie!
Reply:Dont b afraid. jus get a dental appt n visit ur dentist. we wont b able to tell abt ur condition without taking a look at it. n ur condition might not b as bad as u describe it. dentists r there to help u n give u a better smile. so jus go for it. all the best to u.
Reply:Sounds like a real mess. See what he says %26amp; just do it. I'd kill myself %26amp; my teeth are crooked %26amp; yellow enough already %26amp; need a cleaning :(

It's never late to take care of your teeth. It's normal to be anxious the 1st time ;) Since you have many areas to work on , i 'll try to answer your main questions, first. Yes you can have implants and new teeth at the same time (requires some health and bone conditions, but since u r 18 yo, it shouldn't be a problem), there are many ares you can work at the same time i.e whitening, fillings, crowns, and of course there are treatments that require more time like orthodontics. Share your story with your dentist, remember your dentist was 18 sometime too, so he/she will find the best way to get u as good as new with less discomfort for you.

Take care,

Reply:he will ask you to plant new teeths and then put on braces... it will help... if you feel that your teeth are real rotten, the dentist will ask u to plant tooth.. but a whole replacement will hurts... i saw that at my dental's office... his posters showing how planting teeth.. eeww... it looks like real painful... but for the sake of looking handsome, i think you should give it a try... u must do either dentures or implants.. but trust me implants are better... u are still young... you got to face lots of people in the society, ur work place... you got to look presentable... my father has dentures as he didn't want to brush his teeth when he was young... he told me that he regret it.. imagine ur dentures fall off in the midst of talking to a client etc?

Perfect smile if you put on braces... i am on that now but luckily i don't need to pluck of any of my tooths as they are all adults... and braces hurts not need to ask for implants... the thought of having implants gives me horrible nightmares...
Reply:More you wait,closer you get to having your teeth pulled.Why didn't you go sooner?Nothing beats being 18 and having rotten teeth.That is really unattractive.Call today.They will numb you for everything,you won't feel anything.
Reply:why did your parents never take you to the dentist !!!!

Please go as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse it will be, not to mention EXPENSIVE !! The dentist will take X-rays and evaluate what needs to be done. You'll be scheduled for a deep cleaning which will take two appointments. Once your teeth are clean for the first time in your life you'll probably be excited to get your teeth fixed and looking nice.

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Reply:About a week ago I went to a dentist after not going for around 7 years. During the last 3 or 4 years I didn't brush my teeth, my teeth had gotten really bad, lots of rot, and I had fear of dentures. I've been wanting to goto dentist for past 2 or 3 years, but just been way too scared, and embarrassed on top of a ton of other reasons.

I finally decided I had to go. The sooner you go the cheaper it will be, the easier, the more teeth they can save, and the less chance you'll have serious health problems because of your teeth. Well I made an appointment, and then they called me back, I made a point of letting them know how bad my teeth were and how embarrassed I was before they looked in my mouth, they were very nice and I could not believe how easy it was actually going in for that first time. This is the day I had been fearing for the past 3 years? Losing sleep every night over this day?

Well that day the assistant took I believe it was around 16 x-rays, then I waited in the chair for about 10 minutes while they developed and the dentist looked them over. Then he came in and introduced himself, and made me open my mouth, he looked at my teeth one by one and said out loud to the assistant what was most likely needed to be done. The assistant made the list, then the dentist told me everything what was needed.

I was shocked, they were going to be able to keep all 32 of my original teeth, and I only need 3, maybe 4 root canals! And for the past 3 years I was thinking that I was going to need dentures... Just shows you that things aren't always as bad as they seem.

I went 2 days ago for my first appointment to get work done, it took about 3 hours, but I was way less nervous since I had already met who was going to be working on my teeth. It wasn't fun, but what made it soooooooooo much easier is that I knew I was getting my teeth fixed and it was soooooo worth it. During the appointment they did a deep root cleaning on the right side of my mouth, they also did fillings on 3 of my teeth, and a root canal on one of my molars. The root canal was way easier and less painful then I thought it would be. They gave me a prescription for vicodin to help with any pain, which has been VERY minor, just a little sore.

Now I can sleep better knowing my teeth are finally going to get fixed =) I beg you to go in for the first appointment at very least. You'll know exactly what can be done, and you can make decisions from there. If you have any questions for me please email me at, I'd love to answer them for you. Seriously a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders!

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