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I have bad teeth and I just want to have them all pulled out. Should I have it done?

I just turned 18 and I haven't been to a dentist since I was 12. That's when I had 6 of my back teeth pulled out. I had 4 back teeth pulled out before that so I have 10 teeth missing already. The teeth I have left all have cavities in them and a couple are broken. I know it will cost way more than I have to get them fixed and I really don't want them fixed. I'd really rather just have them all pulled out. I had all of my first teeth pulled out when I was 4 cuz they were all rotten and I didn't have any teeth at all for a couple of years so I what that's like. It's not nearly as bad as having ugly teeth that give you problems all the time. My mom hasn't had any teeth for years and I'd much rather go toothless or maybe get false teeth later on than go on like this. I don't have insurance so I'll have pay when I go. I just want them all out as soon as I can get it done even if I have to go toothless. My mom found a dentist with reasonable rates that will do it for me. Should I go for it?

I have bad teeth and I just want to have them all pulled out. Should I have it done?
Go for it! Your boyfriend will love you for it!!!
Reply:NO!!! that person has no idea what their talking need to have teeth to get veneers anyways! Trust me you want to keep as many teeth as you possible can! I know you said your already missing 10 teeth but beleive me you want to keep the ones you have left. With a partial, some of your biting efficiency stays the same. If you have all of your teeth pulled then you will need a denture and they have a 14%!!!! biting efficiency!!! That means that if you like steak and sandwiches...say goodbye! It will take a lot more money to fix your teeth than to take them out but its worth it!!! You are young and your teeth are very important. You dont want to go to bed with your sweety and say "oh hold on let me take out my teeth first" thats disguisting!!! There are dental clinics in every county that will help you if you have no insurance...just contact your health dept.!!!! Good luck!!!
Reply:If I was you I would go for it. I did the same thing soon as I got out of school cuz I had really bad teeth my whole life too. You're right about it not being so bad without teeth. A lot of my family has no teeth or false teeth and they don't have problems. I haven't had any teeth for 3 years now and I feel better without them. I think my bad teeth were making me sick. Hope everything goes good for you when you do get them out.
Reply:If you're really sure that's what you want I'd go for it. But be sure cuz once your teeth are gone you'll never get anymore. I had all of mine out and I think it was the best thing I ever done cuz mine were bad too. I guess by what you say you kinda know what it's like to have no teeth already, and if you're ok with that I'd say go for it.
Reply:Go for it! Like H_bomb says your bf will love you for it. Some guys might be turned off about it, but I bet you'll be really surprised by how many really hot guys like it a lot. I had all mine pulled over 10 years ago when I was still in high school and I had no teeth ever since. I never been sorry I did it. My husband has never seen me with teeth because we didn't meet til I was 17 and I had no teeth for a couple years by then. He has always liked my smile. :-)
Reply:keep any savable tooth no artificial tooth is good as natural what ever it made of
Reply:If I was you I'd go for it. If your teeth are bad enough that the dentist is willing to pull them all then they can't be that great, probly not worth trying to save in the long run. Just get them out and then save up for new teeth, unless you don't mind not having any. I know a lot of people get along just fine without teeth. Your mom is a perfect example. My wife had all hers out when she was a little younger than you are and she's never had a problem. I had mine out when I was your age and had no problems either, except when I had to replace my dentures once cuz they were wore out.
Reply:Why don't you get an appointment for an exam and xrays of what you have left first, then have a consultation appointment with the dentist.

He'll recommend some options for you and you can decide for yourself.

Good luck.
Reply:you're just 18 years old. adult teeth are 32 in all, so losing 10 leaves you 22 natural teeth. if you say that some of them are broken or have cavities, hey! why would you want them pulled out? they're still savable! since your mom found a dentist with reasonable rates, why stick with old school? ask the dentist for other options aside from having them pulled out.
Reply:Have you heard of a toothbrush? At your age, you shouldnt have lost any teeth!!

A cavity or two is ok, but 10 teeth? OMG!! Beat your parents for not taking responsibility!
Reply:Yeah don't listen to the first person. You should not pull all of your teeth out. You should consult a dentist and try to come up with some sort of payment plan to have your teeth fixed. There is nothing more unattractive then a person with no teeth or bad teeth. Teeth are very important to the outside appearance. If you don't care about your appearance, then that's another story.
Reply:Leave your teeth dont pull them!no more sets of teeth!If you have any cavities fill them.Bad teeth vaneers or crowns!SEE there are many posible solutiions!!!NO PULLING!!!!



Hope you change your mind:)
Reply:You should not have all of your teeth removed unless there is not other option. You should find a dentist that will work out a plan to fix your remaining teeth and a payment plan. You do need your teeth. You need them for eating most foods and you also need them to maintain your jawbone. People who have false teeth lose bone in their jaw and many eventually have insufficient bone to support false teeth. It also deforms your appearance. Tooth disease can have a negative affect on your general health, so you should work on this as soon as possible. If you live near a dental school you may be able to find low cost dental care at their student clinic. I urge you not to choose toothless. Once they're gone you never get to choose again.
Reply:I am sorry you have had so much dental trouble. Please reconsider before you get dentures. A good portion of your taste involves the palatal tissue. The taste of all your food will change, you will add more salt to enhance the flavor and it could be a detriment to your health. Also the arches of bone that support the dentures will slowly deteriorate over the years. Somewhere down the road you won't even be able to keep a denture in your mouth, it will flop all over. Just think about trying to eat an apple or carrots... any crispy vegetable or fruit. You'll go to a softer diet and again, the health is compromised. Studies have shown, those who have dentures usually have a shorter life span. Try to fix what you have, get some partials or later when you have a career and can afford it, get some implants. There are so many things that can be done now to enhance your smile, don't give up on those teeth! Good luck.
Reply:A reputable dentist would not pull out your teeth if he/she felt that they can be saved. Bad teeth can cause infection all through your body. No teeth or dentures will limit what you can eat. You need to talk in length with a good dentist. Get answers regarding a good dentist from your friends. Do not put this off any longer as you could develop other health issues.
Reply:If you dont mind having no teeth then go ahead, and maybe down the line you can get you some false teeth.
Reply:God! at 18 all your teeth have gone. very bad. repairing teeth is not very comfortable. One of my teeth was removed. The dentist said he will put a replacement. I agreed and gave him a hefty sum. Then he ground the nearby two teeth and fixed a 'bridge' , a false teeth. Now my two good tooth are spoiled in that process. So be careful about repairing.
Reply:It would probably be better for you to have them all pulled out and get dental venears.


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