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What health problems can rotten teath cause?

I have had this problem with my teath for 10 years now, the bottom teath are fine, but the tops are rotten, decayed, cracked, chipped...I never did brush three times a day like dentist say you sould. But I do brush about 3 times a week. I hate brushing my teeth, but when i don't feel like brushing I use mouthwash instead to kill germs etc. What is any, health problems could develop from my teeth being in such bad shape...?

What health problems can rotten teath cause?
Besides what the others have mentioned I would add if you get an infection from the decay going into the nerve, that infection will be going through your whole body. Infection can kill you if left untreated.

If you keep up the tri-weekly brushing habit you have you eventually will lose your teeth. When you can't chew your food properly the food misses out on that first stage of digestion (mastication breakdown) and that makes the rest of your digestive system have to work harder.

Think about what happens to animals when they start losing their teeth...they can't eat so they die.

It's just part of the very simple plan of good health habits. If we don't follow them, we pay in someway later.
Reply:The bacteria growing in your mouth can cause heart problems.
Reply:Tarter has been associated with cardiac health having found the same tarter in the mouth around cardiac muscle. Additionally, openings in the teeth provide for infection to breed in both the sinus cavities and the jaw. Additionally, meningitis is able to breed in such conditions.
Reply:if you dont bath you stink if you dont brush your teeth rot
Reply:Pain, Heart disease, poor self esteem and so on
Reply:What the case, you all ready lost them. Now do care for your gumms. Killing germs is not all.
Reply:Tooth decay, tooth loss, severe pain and bleeding of the gums, no teeth, dentures, gingivitis. Basically, you better brush twice a day and floss if you want your real teeth to survive and last you in life. And you do want them pain free don't you?
Reply:Mouth cancer

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