Friday, July 31, 2009

How much does it cost to get teeth pulled?

Does anyone know how much it might cost to get rotten and broken off teeth out of your mouth?

How much does it cost to get teeth pulled?
To much, if you don't have dental insurance. I had a severe tooth abscess that affected several teeth. Was referred to an oral surgeon and was charged cash in excess of 100.00 bucks per tooth. Scary, expensive, hope you have better luck and find a well qualified Doctor, that doesn't try to get his retirement funds from one person. LOL, not really funny, but dang, so much money and so little choice, if one has a Dental problem that must be addressed.
Reply:prob depends on dentist where i like it is like $50 a tooth then it would also depend if you needed fake teeth to replace it
Reply:Not much, only pain and suffering.
Reply:.99 cents...or whatever some floss costs you.

tie it to a door and slam it
Reply:My dentist here in Ohio charges $90 a tooth. This is a higher end community so not really sure elsewhere what it would cost. Good luck! I am having dental issues as we speak. LOL I hate going to the dentist.
Reply:This type of extraction is not easy. Your roots may be curved and depending on the tooth or teeth that are being extracted some teeth like the Eye teeth are really hard since they are the longest roots in your mouth. Teeth that are broken at the gum line may also have to be taken out in sections. It is also important to make sure that all the roots and tips are completely out. Its not as easy as you think
Reply:Actually extractions (in CT) can range from $125 for a "regular" extraction to $250 for a surgical extraction. Most of your teeth might end up being surgical extractions. Call your local oral surgeons to check. If you want to go to sleep for the extractions it may be another few hundred dollars. You can do it with just novacaine. It's your choice. I would check into it soon before you start experiencing pain if you aren't already.

Hope this helps and good luck!
Reply:90-200 depending on your area. If you can find a free clinic though, you may be able to get it done for free or low cost.
Reply:It depends on the dentist and your insurace. I'd say maybe $600-$1,000 w/ out insurance and like $200 with maybe...
Reply:It is going to cost more than it would have if you would have had them taken out before. You are probably better pulling them out yourself. Ha! Shouldnt have waited until they were broke off and rotten. Not a good idea! People what are they thinking? I am sure you could have fixed them before they got that bad.


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