Saturday, July 25, 2009

Problems with my dog's teeth?

My dog has two front teeth that look like rotten teeth. Actually I do not kow if they are really rotten. She does not bleed and the gums are not swollen. what could that be and how to prevent further damage if any. Do dogs in any way change teeth?

Problems with my dog's teeth?
I would deff bring her to the vet, or to a grooming place because they can help you out for sure.
Reply:If the dog has bad breath ( not just normal dog breath) that is a sign of tooth decay. I would check with the vet. If the teeth get infected, they could become a real problem.
Reply:take her to the vet. I wouldnt give her any human food if you have. No sweets only dog treets a few times a day and some wet food as well if she has a hard time chewing. they have dog food that is health for the dogs teeth and keeps them at a good weight.
Reply:While it's unuasal for dogs front teeth to go bad before the backs it can happen. Are they just discolored? Did the dog have distemper as a puppy? How old is the dog now? You really need to have them looked at by your vet. For now do an at home exam to see how the back teeth look. If your dog is over the age of 4 then it's quite possible he needs his teeth cleaned. That is very common. A dental can run about 150.00 depending upon the vet, and if there are any teeth that need to be extracted. Once they clean the teeth you can keep them clean by either brushing them a few times a week or giving the dog beef femur bones to chew on. I have 6 dogs. I only give them the femur part of a bone (I give them raw.) because they can't splinter the bone but chew on them a while to get the marrow out. Thus breaking off any plaque or tartar. I have never had to have any of my dogs teeth cleaned. I do an exam every couple of months on all of them. I've been a vet tech for 25 years so see lots of dogs that need dentals. Since the teeth aren't causing any problems right now you can wait until the next time the pup needs to be seen by the vet and ask them to examine the teeth then. Unless you look at the molars and see heavy plaque, or red and swollen gums. Also pay attention to the dogs breath. If it's foul then most likely the teeth need to be cleaned. Hope this helps.
Reply:Definitely take her to thevet. I adopted a dog a while back who turned out to have very bad teeth- probably why he was at the pound- and ha ended up needing $500 in dental work including teeth pulled. If you can stop it from getting worse you can save yourself some money and keep your dog a lot more comfortable.
Reply:consult a VET/ or try special food 4 teeth care / try 2 brush them

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