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How to get rid of a rotten tooth without going to a dentist?

the tooth is already more than half dissolved - also how to get rid of bad breath

How to get rid of a rotten tooth without going to a dentist?
If you get rid of the bad tooth it may clear up your breath. See the dentist to get it removed so that you are sure the whole tooth gets taken out.
Reply:you pull it out. just go to a dentist donkey.
Reply:sounds like you are afraid to go.if you dont go you risk serious pain and infection maybe even blood poisoning.please go see a dentist.
Reply:you can't - at least on the first. if finances are an issue, there are alot of dentists who use a sliding scale - payment is based on how much you make. bad breath can be based on what you eat, infections and yes, rotting teeth. once that is fixed get on a schedule to see what is bothering you. if you brush your teeth after every meal and use mouthwash (also used to kill bacteria and freshen breath) and still have a problem, you might need to go on medication.
Reply:if you can't get a hold of it to pull it out, and/or it breaks off at the gum level, then you will really be in pain and will have to go to the dentist to have it extracted.

no question the tooth is at least partly to blame for your halitosis, otherwise you might try gargling with listerine and brushing your teeth on a daily basis.

the money you spend having a problem tooth fixed is well worth it.

you won't regret it
Reply:sounds like you don't want to spend any money; so go to the tool store and get a offset pair of pliers, or a bent nose pliers. then get your friend to grab the tooth and give it a hard tug, and out comes the tooth. [make sure he gets the right one] then take the pliers back.
Reply:My hubby is a dentist and I also worked for a dentist for a couple years.

Anyways about the tooth issue- If this tooth is over half decayed then that means it's very unstable and might break in half if you try to pull it- and it will be severely painful. If you try pulling it and it only partially comes out you could have a root still left inside under your gum and there is no way you could get it out on your own- especially if it is a molar.

Bad breath comes from bacteria in your mouth. It comes from under your gum tissue and on the back part of your tongue. I would suggest going to the dentist to get a really good cleaning. Then at home maintenance includes brushing and flossing everytime after you eat. Bad breath is usually the first sign of infection. If you don't go to the dentist for cleanings then bacteria colonize under your gum tissue and start "attacking" your bone. This is why a lot of old people don't have their teeth anymore. A bacterial infection for many years "eats" away your bone and the teeth become loose and infected.

Unfortunately, you can only "mask" bad breath temporarily with mints or gum. It will always come back if it is an infection of the gums. I worked for a periodontist (gum specialist) and I had to talk to many people who had bad breath as a result of infection of the gums and let me tell you that it was truly hard to talk to them becuase their breath was so bad.

GO TO THE DENTIST!! Many dentist will try to help you out if you can't afford one and also there is medicare and they will help you too! If you are scared of the dentist then just talk to them and let them know how you feel and they have sedatives to help calm your nerves. Some medication makes you completely forget your appoitment all together :) Good luck :)
Reply:you cant see the dentist , at the root of the bad breath is probably coming from the rotten tooth, so the only way to get rid of that is get rid of the cause., ie see the dentist and get the tooth removed

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