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My tooth is rotten?

I have a rotten tooth thats now going into the gums,I went to the dentist and he said to take antibiotics and come back to see him.Now, my question is can a tooth get so infected that it can spread to your brain?

My tooth is rotten?
The answer is definitely yes, although it is not likely. In rare cases the infection from an infected tooth can go to your brain or be life threatening by causing swelling that closes your airway. These are extreme cases but patients with these conditions do present to hospital emergency rooms. Most cases can be treated with antibiotics and extraction or root canal therapy, but it is not worth waiting or "taking a chance" because the results can be severe.
Reply:No, don't worry.

First, congratulations on finally getting yourself to the dentist. That was the right thing to do. The antibiotics will clear up any underlying infection so that the tooth can be fixed (or extracted depending on what your dentist recommends).

A really, really bad, infection is going to affect other organs in your body before it gets to your brain, so it's always best to treat problems early.
Reply:A tooth can become abcessed and can actually kill if it goes untreated because the virus gets in the bloodstream. That's what my dentist said anyway.
Reply:Yes. Sometimes it travels without you knowing and and makes you not go to the dentist. Before you know it you have really bad breath and rotton teeth.
Reply:Rip that sh*t out! Be a man and stop whining like a little girl.
Reply:It won't go to your brain but why would the dentist give you anitbiotics for a rotten tooth? If it's rotten then most likely the tooth has to be pulled and/or they can cap it. I hope your dentist knows what he's doing. Good Luck!
Reply:no, but it's gonna hurt a whole lot more if you don't let the dentist sort it out
Reply:no i dont think so
Reply:They are both in your head, aren't they? Not far to travel.
Reply:Not is you take the antibiotics like you are instructed to do. Plus the fact you went to the drs. for care before this can happen.
Reply:You CAN'T be serious.......of course not!!!!
Reply:Yes. This happened to my husband. He refused to go to the dentist until he could not take the pain no longer and they told him that he was lucky that if he would of waited a couple of more days that it would of spread to the brain. His face was swollen and everything else. So yes don't mess around with your teeth.
Reply:Of course. All that puss filled up inside will cause a major infection, thus causing your insides to work over time to try to stop it. I suggest you take the antibiotics and then go back so that your mouth can heal up and then he can surgically remove the infected tooth.
Reply:yes you can actually die..its called some kind of sinus infection..Youll probably have to get it removoed and take meds
Reply:Not the tooth itself, but the gum can become infected. Unfortunately, the infection could become systemic, carried through the body in the blood. Please take your meds, all of them! You will be fine, since you are taking steps to fix the problem. Please take care of you, you are important!
Reply:Yes! I had one totally spread through my jaw bone! A friend had one so bad, she went to the emergency room, the doctor on duty told her, had she waited over night, she'd have woke up dead!! It had spread through the jaw, and to the sinus cavity, and was working it's way to her brain. Yes, It can be that serious.

My advice: Don't wait too long, or you'll wake up dead!
Reply:If you let it go for years and years, then quite possibly yes. But after a few weeks of the pain from a rotten tooth, you wont want to let it go on any more. He is going to remove it by pulling the tooth and cutting open your gum where the tooth is, and removing what ever is left. You will be fine....Same thing happened to me
Reply:The worst infection I witnessed was from a abscessed lower molar, the infection went into the patients neck, and was painful and severely swollen, we had to send him to the hospital and they put a drain in his neck and started IV antibiotics. That was letting it go to far for me!
Reply:I can tell you from first hand knowledge, take all the antibiotics as prescribed.The infection can spread to your other teeth and abscess them as well. An infected tooth can spread throughout your whole body, making you feel sick. Please don't wait so long next time the infection can even get into your bloodstream making you septic.People don't realize how necessary it is to have your teeth cleaned and have regular check-ups. You are lucky you caught it in time Good Luck.
Reply:Yes, any infection that's left untreated over time can affect your brain and your heart, and could even possibly kill you. As long as you haven't waited too long to get to your dentist, my guess is that you're fine. I know a few people that were lucky enough to catch things like that in time. Some didn't even know they had an infection. I'm glad you caught it in time. =)
Reply:I had a circumstance occur in my life that force-ably disallowed me from brushing my teeth and taking proper care of my teeth you sound like you have a milder problem then what my dentist fixed. I when my dentist finally could fix my teeth after my life improved to a high point 2 years ago I had to have 11 fillings, install a crown on top of a tooth we did a root canal on plus we extracted a tooth that could not be fixed.

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