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What will happen if I don't brush my teeth??

I know I'll get rotten teeth, but what else? I heard that you can get a heart attack if you stop brushing your teeth. Anything else?

What will happen if I don't brush my teeth??
You are correct about the rotting or decayed teeth and heart attacks which have been linked to be caused by the same plaque found in periodontal disease.

It starts simply because someone doesn't brush or floss well and neglects their teeth to the point of developing periodontal disease and allowing it to go untreated. A patient will develop many areas of decay and dental abscesses. The tissue is red and inflamed, bleeding at the touch. It's painful for a patient to eat or by this time even brush. From there the further neglect destroys the bone that is supporting the teeth until their eventual loss. This plaque and the active infections from abscess involved with periodontal disease puts these patients at a higher risk of heart attack. There is evidence that supports the fact that periodontal patients have a higher rate of heart attack, which is linked to the plaque.

A good way to avoid a heart attack and a lot of dental pain and expense is to floss, brush well and see your dentist regularly for check ups. Keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime by taking excellent care of them! Good luck!
Reply:yes it could be bad for your health as well as rotten teeth
Reply:According to my dentist (who is my uncle) there are studies out there that prove people who practice good oral hygiene don't get sick as often as people who don't. So that's one good reason to keep brushing your teeth, aside from the obvious breath and appearance issues. Another thing you have to be careful of is if your teeth get in REALLY bad shape and you develop an abscess in the root. That takes a long time to happen, but if it does happen it can cause all kinds of health problems because that abscess will release toxins into your bloodstream that could make you sick at the very least (and could kill you at the very most). Not good.
Reply:You'll start out in a little bit of pain, you'll take a few Advil and it will go away. Then the pain will come back and get worse, you'll probably have an infection, then you will go to the dentist . He'll pull that tooth, and so on and so on until all of your teeth have fallen out. And trust me...tooth pain is the worst, second to labor!
Reply:If your teeth get rotted the root will become infected and that infection spreads into the bloodstream, traveling to the heart.

You could also get Gingivitis. And your gums can soften enough that they can no longer hold your teeth. And you can get receding gums before that even happens.
Reply:That's just preposterous. Here's what happens, you stop brushing, plaque builds up. Plaque hardens into calculus. You come see me, I take my nifty little explorer and scrape calculus off your teeth. Mostly what happens is bacteria will build up and your teeth might decay. Carries (cavities) are usually genetic.

If there is a carry, that means there is a hole in your tooth. That hole leads to the pulp chamber, where your nerves are located. Say, a bunch of bacteria or viruses got in there, guess what, they're going to your blood stream now. Infection, infection, infection. You'd have to wait a long time for a dental carry, and even longer for it to get so large your tooth would have to be pulled. Most likely, a root canal will be done. Or an amalgam restoration.
Reply:If you do not brush your teeth the plaque builds and builds making families, communities, and states of bacterial colonies that can be very dangerous for the body b/c it is like having a constant infection in the mouth. This plaque dries/hardens making tartar/calculus buildup and is hard and can only be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist. This hardened plaque holds that bacteria against the gum and allows more and more bacteria to build causing gum infections and allowing the bacteria to easily enter the bodies blood stream. This is gum disease and this constant infected state allows bacteria to constantly run thru the bodies blood stream flowing thru your veins and arteries and heart. This has been known to accelerate/cause: heart problems, diabetic problems, low birth weight babies, etc etc

View websites such as American Dental Association for more info.


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