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Wisdom Teeth extraction..Please share your experiences?

I am a 34 year old baby! I have put off getting my wisdom teeth removed for about as long as I could. One of the wisdom teeth broke a couple of weeks ago and my oral surgeon said that there is a huge cavity in it that pretty much rendered the tooth...rotten! Eeeww. Okay, so much for the daily rigorous brushing routine I perform on those nasty useless teeth. Anyway, she said they've got to come out. My appointment isn't for 3 more weeks, but it's all I can think about. I'm so afraid. I honestly don't know how I'll put one foot in front of the other and walk into the hospital. I have a heart condition, so the only way they'd put me out is if I go to the hospital. I'm afraid I'll wake up during surgery! I'm afraid of all of the pain I'll have afterwards. I'm afraid I'll sneeze, causing the blood clot to dislodge resulting in "dry socket" and I'll have that pain to deal with as well. I'm also afraid I'll end up with nerve damage! Please share your wisdom teeth extraction stories with me.

Wisdom Teeth extraction..Please share your experiences?
These concerns should really be talked over with your doctor at consult. I work for an oral surgeon so I will share with you what I have learned.

Dry socket is a clotting issue. You are correct in stating that. For the most part patients do not develop this but some can. It is easily treated though with medicated packing. It is important to follow ALL of your post op instructions carefully. No straws, rinsing, brushing or forceful spitting on day one. Day 2, brushing is safely done but be careful and rinse with salt water morning, evening and after meals for a few days. Day 3 use the syringe to gently flush any debris that settles in the sockets.

Don't worry about waking up during the procedure. You will have an iv in place the entire time. If your surgeon sees too much activity coming from you he/she will give the proper dosage to help keep you sedated. The nice thing about iv sedation is the doctor can control how much to use during the procedure. When a patient uses an oral sedation the doctor is pretty much limited to how he/she can control the sedation.

There are signs that the doctor is trained to look for if more sedation is required. Usually arms start to lift or squirming in the chair. I have never seen a patient just pop up from the chair and say ouch. when they start making movement the surgeon will stop what he/she is doing and administer more iv sedation and it's night night time again until he/she is finished.

hoped this helped. and just so you know. removing wisdom teeth is a breeze. don't worry, be happy they'll be gone.

Reply:well i havent had wisdom teeth pulled but i had 4 other teeth pulled at one time 3 of which were right on top of each other. All they did for me was give me a shot that made my mouth numb and they pulled them. i couldnt feel anything. now as far as pain i just know that i took advil or sothing like that right after. but other than that i cant even remember it hurting. and i had no problems woth the clot either.
Reply:a sneeze will not dislodge a clot.. you will have to chomp down on a gause patch for a while.. just follow the dr. instruction,, take your pain pills and don't do anything stupid like eating hard food.. take it easy for a couple of days with soft stuff and you will be fine.. oh and.. remember.. ice cream.. is a good friend.. couple of days.. you will be bout done.. in a week you will never know it took place.. (french vanilla.. now that is comfort)
Reply:I had mine taken out when I was 15 or so...and, well it wasn't fun to be honest, although i don't remember much of it. They gave me laughing gas, then (if I remember correctly) they gave me an IV, and then i woke up with bloody gauze in my numb mouth. I spent the next couple weeks knocked out on pain med, hence why I dont remember much. I have had a few procedures done and that was my least favorite. I highly recomend the blue icepack they sell at walgreens and etc..that helped a lot, and I hope you can just sleep for a week or so...good luck, and don't worry too much, you probably won't remember much later on...tell your dentist about your worries!!!
Reply:Well, I had my wisdom teeth extracted when I was 19 and it wasn't bad at ALL. You have nothing to worry about. I was put under local anesthesia at an oral surgeons and I was eating mashed potatoes later that night. Felt no pain at all!!! I was scared of getting a dry socket as well. My clot fell off before it was suppose to, but I never had any problems. I was a little sore a few days later, but no big deal at all. I am in dental hygiene school and have observed MANY tooth extractions (not just wisdom teeth), and you have nothing to worry about. The worst thing that could happen is dry socket, but if you take proper care of the incision after surgery you will be fine. Don't worry about waking up during surgery either. Wisdom teeth are one of the most common surgeries that oral surgeons perform on a daily basis (probably 6+ a day). Don't worry you will be fine:)
Reply:I had my first wisdom tooth pulled the old fashioned way by a dentist when I was 34 which was like a nightmare as compared to the last three which were taken out my an oral surgeon. I was 37 at the time.

Under anesthesia, your oral surgeon will be able to pull the rotten teeth quickly and completely without you having to experience the effort it will take to remove them. The surgeon will pack your gums and administer pain killers before you wake up so you won't hardly feel a thing when you go home.

My advice to you is talk to the anesthesiologist about your fears. I had a situation during major surgery where I did wake up but not fully and it was quite disturbing. I let my anthologist know and he took special care to make sure that I did not wake up before I hit the recovery room.

Another thing you can do since you have a 3 week wait is to prepare to eat soft warm mushy foods for a few days after surgery and have these foods available before you have your surgery. Bananas, chicken noodle soup, apple sauce, spaghetti, oatmeal, rice, tea, etc. Make sure you have enough salt on hand to make glasses of warm salt water for you to rinse your mouth out with.

The most important thing is to follow all the instructions that your surgeon gives you so that you won't have any issues with infection or dry sockets.
Reply:I got my wisdom teeth takin out when i was 13 years old. I was just as scared but, it wasnt as bad as i thought it was. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it didn't hurt after I got it done, because it did. But, I felt like an *** 2 weeks after when they stopped hurting. It might seem bad at first but, you get over it.
Reply:If U R that nevrous talk to your doctor %26amp; dentist about taking something b4 U even get to the office. I usually take a very mild sedative b4 I have any dential work done. U will need someone to drive U to %26amp; from the dentist. When my kids had theirs done at age 18, they had no memory of gettin home. They went into the office %26amp; woke up at home. One needed pain pills for 2 days the other only one day. Good luck.
Reply:I just had all of my teeth pulled about 2 weeks ago and from previous surgeries I have also shown that my heart doesn't agree with sedation, mostly coming out of it. It is scary.. I mean, I've practically lived in a hospital for majority of my life and had re-constructive jaw surgery 6 years ago so I completely understand the fear you have. Hospitals have that smell to them.. I even feel sick and get a headache at the thought of going to a hospital now. It's really not that bad though for a wisdom tooth.. I mean, I just had all mine out, under sedation.. but really isn't not that bad. I had an absessed tooth pulled while I was awake and the freezing didn't take.. and really.. it's wasn't too bad. Just think, as soon as it's out.. you won't be in pain anymore, if it's causing you pain. Just be honest with them, you're scared.. nothing wrong with that. A hospital is a scary place sometimes.

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