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Is rotting teeth neglect?

If a child has rotten brown teeth obviously from not brushing and eating too many sweets, still drinking juice from a bottle a cause for concern or not? The child is 3. ( not my child btw)

Is rotting teeth neglect?
Well, being concerned about some1 else's child is very nice. Having a child with rotten theeth isn't very gd. Sometimes children and ppl sometimes have rotton teeth because it runs in the family. But unless the child is snogging and sneaking sweets when his mother ins't looking, it is pretty much neglect, make sure the child goes to the dentist straight away, lays of sweets for a while and does some gd brushin or the child's teeth will fall out by the age of 40 or less!!

[x] Take gd care, Becca [x]
Reply:Yeah- I would think this means the parent in not taking care of the child. Any parent taking care of their child would be taking care of their teeth too.
Reply:i would sugest a dentist visit. could be the child was born without enamel on his teeth. (my brother was born without enamel on his teeth too, it happens, but not getting it checked is more a case of neglecting the childs needs then the fact they are rotten. aside from that what is a 3 year old still doing on a bottle? my daughter wasd drink8ing from a cup by the time she was 2.
Reply:neglect by the parent(s) follow from example.
Reply:i would think so that sounds terrible

my 3yr old son has lovely white teeth. is absolute neglect %26amp; bad parenting! child will suffer much more now as the dentist will need to sort it out..when it all could have been avoided!!
Reply:Neglect. The child should NOT have juice in a bottle as it sits on the teeth and the sugar stays in contact for far too long. A dentist would tell the mother this too but she clearly doesn't take the child to one at all. Sweets in moderation alongside proper dental care would be ok.
Reply:Yes it is a cause for concern, I've never heard of that in such a young child.

Child needs to go to the dentist asap.
Reply:It's easy to jump to conclusions, could be a hereditary problem or some other problem with the teeth. Or could be neglect as you suggest. Talk to the parents about your concerns if you can. If you are certain it is neglect then talk to social services.
Reply:You should take a child to the dentist every 6 months from when their 1st tooth appears.

At the child's age you should stand with them when they brush their teeth.

So I would say the child is being mildly neglected but if you do have any other worries you should call the NSPCC

Help for adults

Worried about a child? Call the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline on 0808 800 5000.
Reply:WE know its wrong, but know where you are comin from, dont interfere, we , Me, Did, and lost a "friend", shame, but stand by what I said, the child wont thank them for all the sweets when she is older, my little gal only has fruit, with sweets only as a special treat, feel if she wants sweets she can make her own mind up, when she is older, meanwhile, I wont "neglect her" when she doesnt have a choice, Carrot sticks, cucumber, STRAWBERRIES, or rubbish Enumbered "sweets" even as an adult, I know what 1 I would want.
Reply:id say so but the parent who is neglecting the teeth probably wouldnt.......a friends daughter had to have all her front teeth removed due to chronic decay at the age of 2 and it was everyones fault but the parents!
Reply:mt niece had 4 teeth taken out by age 4, she has had lice since she was 1. Yes it is neglect most defiantly.
Reply:aw the poor child, its totally the parents fault, the child is too young to know itself and as a result will suffer from toothache, shame on parents like this
Reply:My friends daughter is almost 6 and had to have 7 teeth removed at the beginning of this month because they were crumbling! The mum is adamant its because she is lactose intolerant and has to have special milk (?) errrrrr no........lactose free milk has less than half the sugar of normal cows milk!

She seems to forget that I was there when she was letting her little girl drink Coke and Irn Bru when she was 2 and 3 and was (and still is) always giving her sweets!!!

The poor kid has a mouthful of gums now and her mum blames everyone but herself and has still not learned her lesson and gives her fizzy drinks and sweets even now.

I absolutely agree that it is neglect on the parents behalf, either through giving them sugary crap to eat/drink and not brushing their teeth properly! My daughter is almost 6 and has beautiful white teeth
Reply:In most cases, yes.....I have watched many-a-child, and I remember one in particular in a similar way. She was barely three, still in diapers, went to bed with a bottle, parents gave her Skittles for breakfast......oh, yeah - definitly neglect. As a three-year-old, she should have been WELL out of diapers, LONG OFF the bottle, and Skittles for breakfast? No wonder she had rotten teeth! Yes, I believe the child is being neglected. If you have such concerns for this child, you can ask the parent what she or he is doing to take care of the problem, or if that doesn't work, try Child Protective Services (not to be mean, but the child needs someone to help!).
Reply:A lot of children get this. I was the target of accusations of "neglect" because at 2 years old, my now 9 year old, had "bottle rot". A few years later, the same jerk who accused me of not properly caring for my little girl's teeth (even though I brushed, didn't give her a bottle at night and kept sugary snacks to a minimum) ran into the same problem with her child although she was just as vigilant about her baby's oral hygene as I was with mine. I feel sorry for the child but it looked good on the b***h for being such a condescending, judgemental know it all. If you have a problem with this person just let it go, because it happens to the best of us, and our children. If you know that this child is actually being "neglected" have a talk with the mother before you do something irrational based on your opinions. Now, if this child has had rotting teeth for a while and nothing is being done to fix them, then that would be neglect.
Reply:I would consider it child neglect. as a child should have regular checkups starting at age 1 and continuing till adult hood. the child u are describing will need tons of dental work and should of been off the bottle at age 2 at the very latest. if u can speak up to the parents and tell them that they are ruining the childs health, and if that doesnt work then u need to let the chips fall where the may when the child either starts pre-school or kindergarten, which ever happens first.
Reply:As a former child care provider for 12 years, I have cared for many children over the years and out of all those children I only had one who's teeth rotted like that. It was because he was given chocolate milk every night in a bottle when he went to bed. The chocolate was 1/4 an inch thick in the bottle. I know this because they told me they gave it to him every night and he was brought in each morning with a bottle of it. This poor kid suffered like you have no idea! His baby teeth rotted at the gum line and so he never had front teeth , ever!

They had something like dentures glued into his mouth to make it look like he had teeth until his permanent ones came in. He fell one day and hit his mouth and it broke them loose and his mouth bled like crazy and they had to take them out and let him go until his permanent teeth came in.

I guess it is possible for a child's teeth to rot even though they are not given sugary drinks and foods all the time or in bottles and their parents try to take care of their teeth... but it isn't likely at all. If a parent sees this starting to happen they need to get the child to a dentist. It is neglect when the

parent(s) see something like this happening and do nothing about it.
Reply:The child is probably still sucking a bottle. At age 3 it's uncommon, but I've seen it happen. If the child is still on a bottle, they may be allowed to fall asleep while drinking it. This will cause the teeth to rot. Especially if the child is allowed to drink sodas or soft drinks. Anything really. The parent may not know this. I doubt that it's neglect. They should take the child to a dentist, as this will cause other health related issues.
Reply:i would consider this as neglect as they are not providin services for the child to have good health

for example providing too much sugar etc

and not showing the child how to brush their teeth

report them to the social
Reply:Hi Maria

It could be neglect, but drinking a lot of juice from a bottle mainly dilute stuff ,could be the main cause the best advice is to take the child to see a dentist who could tell better
Reply:yes. I think that getting a child off the bottle as quickly as possible is one of the best things for their teeth. Even baby teeths hould be maintained, a lot of people say well those are just going to fall out but neglecting them can cause long term issues with a kids gums.
Reply:no i dont think this is a sign of neglect , well i no its not because my 2 children out of 5 have poorly teeth. most of the time its not due to sweets and bottles. my boys have had accidents one got hit in the mouth with handle bars of a bike when someone was riding it and the other fell over a bean bag and smacked hes face on wooden flooring. which broke hes teeth. id be upset if someone said to me that id neglected my children.
Reply:I THINK YOU KNOW ITS BAD PARENTING and juice from bottle at that age not only make goofy brown teeth its prob unhygenic
Reply:Yes definitely. It's not hard to look after a child's teeth. Not to many sweets etc and regular brushing. Not rocket science is it.

A three year old shouldn't be drinking juice, or anything else, from a bottle.
Reply:My parents never made my brother and I brush our teeth when we were kids and now we are paying the price by having horrible teeth and paying a fortune to get them put right.


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