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Whats the best way of removing your own teeth?

i have a rotten tooth but the dentist wont remove it for me

Whats the best way of removing your own teeth?
YOu could do what Tom Hanks did in "Cast Away"

can you find a dentist who will yank it?
Reply:fcuk that for a laugh!!!!!! go to a%26amp;e at hospital and they will get you somewhere to go!!xx
Reply:Find another dentist!!!!!!

Don't fool with this!
Reply:go to the hospital, they should remove it for you!

other than that door with string.
Reply:So why won't the dentist do this ?

You need a pair of pliers and a strong grip.

It will hurt.

A great deal.
Reply:Put a cord around it and attach it to the doorknob then shut the door quickly, hope it works. My dad used to do this when I was younger, it hurts but it came out. Maybe the dentist won't remove it right now because it is abcessed, you might need an antibiotic first before he can remove it.
Reply:the best advice i can give you is DON't DO IT!!!!!
Reply:Plyers work great!
Reply:The doorknob method might work for children's teeth, but adult teeth are fixed rather more firmly.
Reply:There really is only one way-pull it out with pliers.

This is all a dentist would do, except he would give you a anesthetic. And he would know what he was doing.

I suppose if you are dead set on it you could always have a swig of strong liquor first.

But I really, really, really dont recomend amatuer dentistry.
Reply:Try another Dentist. You should not perform Oral Surgery on yourself in any manner.
Reply:Size 8 , straight in the kisser
Reply:find an emergency dentist on and quick, tooth and gum problems are linked to heart problems.
Reply:Go to another dentist...
Reply:Bottle of scotch and a pair of pliers, make sure u rink the scotch before u remove.....Or just try the dentist...
Reply:Why wont the dentist remove it?

There is a risk of contracting blood poisoning if you remove your own teeth. A man died last year from it after he removed his own teeth with pliers.

I would suggest trying another dentist.
Reply:Telephone your local A%26amp;E.

They will help.
Reply:Variation on the tied to a door theme - tie the tooth to the rear bumper of a friend's car and get them to drive away at speed. Or try long nosed pliers if you don't mind a lot of pain.
Reply:Find a dentist who will
Reply:ok, get back about 10 feet and open your mouth and run into brick wall?
Reply:Well, when the Dentist removes it is no different than your friend taking a pair of plyers to your mouth and yanking that sucker the hell out. Except he has the advantage of shooting you up with novicane, and years of dental schooling. My suggestion, take a pain killer or two, percaset, vicadan, get a friend of yours to help you out, you might even want to go to a dental supply place where they sell the tool to perform such a task. Otherwise, a pair of plyers will do. Alcohol the plyers, sterilize them, heat them, whattever, just make sure they are clean. tell your friend to get a good hold, but dont squeez, you will crack the tooth, then your screwed. But, if he pulls slowley, and keeps a good grip, it will come out in a jiffy. Make sure you have gauze pads, or cotton ready to plug the hole from bleeding to much. It will bleed, let it. It will clean out the hole that remains. Change the cotton after it become to blood soaked, but not to often, you want it to clot, and stop itself from bleeding.

Either that or you can owe me 20 bucks, and ill knock it out for

Good luck

Reply:come out with me on a saturday night and stand in front of that punch the bouncer throws at me, that'll sort yer problem
Reply:he probably wont remove it bcs it's infected and you might need to go on antibiotics for a few days before he can have it extracted. This is what my dentist normally does when i have an infected tooth. Also he might be able to save you from having to extract it once he clears up the infection so dont have it removed until you have tried everything! Dont whatever you do, remove it yourself! You'll make it worse and if you've got a gum infection then you might make the situation worse.... It's never a good idea to remove one's own teeth - get the professional to do it!
Reply:If the dentist "won't" remove it for you, there must be a reason not to do it now, but if you get liquored up and grab the pliers to do it yourself...

You'll have no trouble getting the soft top part out, but in order to get the root out, you're going to have to go digging between the root and the bone with a very slim but extremely strong instrument - kind of exactly like dentists have and know how to use. If you don't do this, you will end up with an infection (if you don't have one already) and more pain than you can imagine. If you do have an infection - which may be the reason your dentist won't do it now - and try to remove your own tooth, you'll just push it deeper into your jaw bone and end up in bad shape. Those "shards of tooth" will be at the bottom of a hole that is only 4 or 5 mm wide, but 15-20 mm deep. Be careful not to damage the nerve at the bottom of the hole if it's a lower tooth, because this could leave your lip numb for the rest of your life. And whatever you do, don't puncture your maxillary sinus if it's an upper tooth, or you will end up in the hospital with an infection.

The trick to getting teeth out smoothly is to ask someone who has done a hundred or a thousand to do it for you. I'm sure I could not do what you do for a living and you should not try to do what I do for a living. We could both get into a lot of trouble and I know that at least one of us could hurt themselves.
Reply:tie a piece of string round your tooth and the other piece to a door handle and get some one to shut the door very quick its out before you can feel it
Reply:Get a second opinion please dont pull your own teeth out you dont know wot you are doing and can cause more damage!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most dentists will take rotten teeth out you obviously have found a strange dentist!

dont remove it yourself dont even think about it

good luck

Reply:go to the nearest nightclub and tell the bouncers sorry doormen that they are a load of monkey suited tossers. That should work for you.
Reply:There is obviously a reason why the dentist won't remove it !! If it is causing you discomfort change your dentist or go to your local dental hospital!!
Reply:tie some string around it......tie the other end to a door knob...then slam the door.................job done ;-)

sriously, i dont know why the dentist wont remove it....common sense says its right for them to do so........doesnt add up..........

good luck...get it sorted quick as this will cause bad breath...and u dont want breath worse than your dogs
Reply:A dentist will only extract a tooth if it's totally necessary - so I'm guessing the dentist has advised other treatment for the tooth but you don't want it? Just want it out?

It's definitely better if you can hold on to your teeth - ask anyone with dentures - they are a nightmare - definitely not an easier solution!

Not trying to scare you but please don't attempt an extraction on yourself! You'll end up in extreme agony!

See your dentist again - they only have your best interests at heart and care for your dental health and general well being!

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