Friday, July 31, 2009

If a tooth is too badly rotten does it get pulled out?

It is all my fault I know. I have not taken enough care over the years, and is probably the one thing I regret the most in my life..... If my tooth is rotten will it get pulled out?

If a tooth is too badly rotten does it get pulled out?
I just got mine pulled, there was not much of it left. No prob.
Reply:Very likely yes. No point in leaving it there!
Reply:it probably will yeah ust make sure u get it done at the dentist
Reply:If it can be salvaged to put a crown on , do everything you can or your dentist is willing to try . save the root .. putting a bridge on later will cost 3X as much
Reply:Yes. It probably will. You have just made me realise that i need to look after my teeth more ( iam only twele) so you are the person who is going to save my teeth in the future because i am gonna look after my teeth better now.

Thnx :]
Reply:if having a rotton tooth is the worst thing you regret then your lucky mate!
Reply:Most likely yes.
Reply:yes, or if badly embeded most likely surgically removed by a dentist or oral surgeon.
Reply:yes because if you leave it there it can actually spread from your tooth to even your brain if it gets infected!
Reply:Depends on how bad the decay is. If it's not hurting that's a good sign. If there is enough tooth structure (after the decay is removed) a large filling may be able to be done, if not the tooth would need a crown and possibly a build up to save it.

If you opt to extract it, you will need to put a bridge in, which will end up costing more and drilling teeth next to the bad one. If they are bad as well the bridge is a cheaper way to go, but if not a single crown if the tooth can be saved is best. Or, if you have lots of money you can have the tooth extracted and an implant done. If you dont fill in the space after the tooth is extracted your teeth start shifting, causing gaps, and can lead to other problems. We have teeth for chewing and facial structure, losing them is never a good option.

If money is an issue look into having your work done at a dental school.

Brushing and flossing will prevent most all dental problems! It's a habit everyone should get into. Take care of your smile, it's the first thing people see.

Good luck!
Reply:if the tooth is decayed enough where it is not salvageable, they will pull it. but if it's a bad cavitiy, they may just give you a root canal. a root canal is done when the nerve endings in your tooth are dead.

so depending on how bad it is, they may try and save it. :)
Reply:Hope this link helps you with all information regarding your teeth.Try out for more details.
Reply:yes they no good to you that way, get them out good luck
Reply:oh yeh cause it will gat infected after a while

good luck
Reply:No, not necessarily, There are many treatment options now to save largely decayed teeth. Talk to your dentist about the options, and cost of each. But if you want to keep the tooth, then this will most likely still be possible and probably the besty option. good luck
Reply:hi i dont want to scary you but it will need to come out, i have done excally the same as you, just got back from the dentisit he is referring me to hospital to have it out and they may need to cut the gum! I hate the dentist have a real fear of them and now i think i am going to suffer even more, see your dentisit before it gets to late.


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