Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rotten?Broken Tooth?

I was eating some chicken tonight when part of my upper right tooth the one by my molar broke off! I had been having a bad smell in my mouth for a few days! Anyway it doesnt hurt-however it still has some of the teeth next to it like it was a double tooth and its brown and looks rotten! Up above where it broke off I have a bit of swelling. Do I need to have the tooth pulled?How long can I wait and how much does it cost?

Rotten?Broken Tooth?
A root canal and crown runs about $600 and up. Pulling it...probably $100, but government dental will cover pulling teeth and a bad set of dentures (they'll also pay to fill cavities, but this sounds like it's to far gone).

That's assuming you're American. God bless our toothless lower-lower middle class!
Reply:You should have it looked at. Until you do rinse your mouth with peroxide a few times a day to make sure it does not get infection or start anymore on cavities.
Reply:I'll do it for $10 plus expenses.
Reply:its hard to tell until you go to the dentist, but if you do have to get it pulled, anywhere from 60-200 dollars...
Reply:I actoully had that once. You need to get it pulled becouse like you said its rotten, and it makes your breath stink. Its not that expensive. But you should serously get it pulled.
Reply:You did a good job grossing me out reading this. You need a new mouth! Pull all your teeth out you mother sucka.
Reply:Oral health is nothing to mess around with. You could easily get an infection. You need to get to a dentist tomorrow. Pulling a tooth usually costs about $100 with the dental visit. Getting sick could cost you a lot more.
Reply:never had mine pulled been like this for years
Reply:I had that problem once honestly I would get to the dentist ASAP the longer wait the higher chance of infection or even worse absecessing you have, also it will nore costly to fix if you go in now you can do small things with each visit and pay off as you go. sometimes they can save the tooth other times its better to have pulled and replace later or now if you can afford:) hope this helps good luck!
Reply:Most likely you will have to have it pulled. The swelling is caused by an infection of the gums. The dentist will have to drain the gums before performing any surgery. I am not sure how long that will be, but you should contact your dentist immediately. They won't pull it right away. First they will cur the gum, drain it of puss and subscribe you an antibiotic to kill the bacteria before performing any dental work. You may have an option of capping the tooth vice pulling it. However, if you choose to cap it, the cavities must be removed prior to capping. As far as the cost is concerned, I am not sure. If you have insurance, that kind of work should be covered.
Reply:Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and salt mouth wash. Make it yourself. Then get on down tot he dentist with about $150 and get right. The alternative is a very expensive hospital stay on what seems likely, from the tone of your post, to be on someone else's tab. Baring that a funeral could be in the offing. Maybe you could hook up with the guy looking for the hip-hop scat hipster book and become a killer act.


Put your computer up on craigslist and get the tooth out!
Reply:You'll need to get to the dentist asap. You already have an infection and you're at serious risk for compromising nearby teeth and gums. If there's infection in your gums, it can easily attack other teeth and you'll need root canals. This can happen very quickly so the sooner you get in the better.

Can't tell you how much it will cost because it sounds like you have a lot going on so you can have some hidden problems the dentist will find on examination.

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